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    Located in Chengde City, Hebei Province, a historical and cultural city and a famous tourist attraction, Hebei Tourism Vocational College is only one compositive tourism vocational college in Hebei Province approved by People's Government of Hebei Province in June, 2006 and incorporated by Chengde Tourism Vocational College and Chengde Vocational College. It is also the president unit of Hebei Tourism Education Group.

    There are over 8000 regular students and over 800 teachers. The total area is 328,000 square kilometers. The total schoolhouse covered area is 196,600 square kilometers. It consists of 12 departments, such as Department of Tourism Foreign Languages, Department of Hotel Management, Department of Travel Agency Management, Department of Tourism Management, Department of Business Management, Department of Design and Development, Department of Accountant, Department of Garden Arts, Department of Bioengineering, Department of Animal Husbandry,Department of Machine and Electron and Department of Information Technology. It offers 34 specialities, such as Tourism English, Tourism Japanese, Applied Korean, Applied Russian, Tour Guide, Hotel Management, Tourism Management, Business Management, Accountant, Garden Arts,Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation and Animal Husbandry, etc.
    In accordance with ideas of setting up special vocational College with unique feature and cultivating excellent talents, it tries its best to realize balanced program of development of scale, structure, quality and effectiveness. Now it is the provincial key construct demonstrated higher vocational college.

    Hebei Tourism Vocational College has got the qualification of engage foreign culture and education experts and overseas students approved by State Foreign Expert Bureau and provincial government. We have already engaged more than 30 foreign experts, coming from the Great Britain, the United States, Japan, Korea, Russia, Canada, Spain, the Philippines etc. Two of them got Hebei Yanzhao Friendship Awards. At present there are six foreign experts engaging in foreign language teaching.
    In recent years, in order to quicken college developing, suit to tourism industry globalization and meet the talent requirement of Chengde setting up international tourism city, Hebei Tourism Vocational College has already finished many cooperations in international exchange field.
    Since 2008, Hebei Tourism Vocational College began to send students to study abroad in Japan Jiuzhou University. Till 2009, Hebei Tourism Vocational College have received many delegations from Korea, Japan, Spain, the Great Britain, the United States, the Seychelles successively and signed international cooperation agreements with Korean International University, Korean Jizhou Industry University, Russian College of Higher Vocation and Technology, Seychelles Tourism Academy etc. Up to now, Hebei Tourism Vocational College has already sent more than 60 students to Japan, Korea and Russia. Among them, Zhu Rui who is studying in Korean International University had got Korean national scholarship in 2010. In March, 2010 Hebei Tourism Vocational College signed international education cooperation agreement with Spanish Department of Education to offer Spanish courses for students.

    In March, 2010, Hebei Tourism Vocational College set up International Exchange Center, engaging in international cooperation, foreign teacher employment, studying abroad, going abroad on a tour of investigation and foreign affairs.
    In order to enhance international exchange and cooperation and increase to enroll new students from foreign country, in 2012 Hebei Tourism Vocational College set up International Exchange School, engaging in international cooperation, foreign teacher employment, studying abroad, recruit overseas students, languages training, going abroad on a tour of investigation and foreign affairs.In 2014 we have already sent 23 students and a teacher to Seychelles tourism enterprises to practice. In the future we will send more students and teachers to go abroad.
    Hebei Tourism Vocational College is exploring new international cooperation models and new ways by international cooperation and exchange. At present, Hebei Tourism Vocational College is looking for international partners from English Language countries and searching on every side in cultivating English international tourism talents, meanwhile, it further enhances the cooperation with Korea, Russia, Japan, Spain, America, Canada etc.

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