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    Hebei Tourism Vocational College attaches importance to international cooperation and exchanges. It has established friendly relations with more than 20 college or universities, enterprises of foreign countries, such as Korea, Japan, Seychelles, America, Canada, Russia, Britain, Australia, the United Arab Emirates. Especially in recent years, more than 30 experts from over ten countries were invited to teach, give short-term lectures, and conduct cooperative research. Hebei Tourism Vocational College has the right to recruit overseas students. Education for international students covers a wide range of subjects, from language training programs to professional training programs. Till now, our college has already sent more than 60 students to study, practice and work abroad. In order to enhance international exchange and cooperation, establish a good international image and spread Chinese culture, Hebei Tourism Vocational College try its best to become the important bridge and window of international cultural and educational exchanges in Hebei province.
    For the past few years, in order to focus on multi-lingual education and coordinate with foreign partners, Hebei Tourism Vocational College has built a training center, which has become a perfect communicative link to develop a series of friendly cooperation and exchanges.
    Learn more about the world and let the world know more about China. Multi-lingual university education is the important factor to enhance one college’s degree of internationalization, and is the only way to reach international understanding and cooperation. Hebei Tourism Vocational College will help the students both at home and aboard to realize their dream.
2014 HeBei Tourism Vocational College